Coach: Ben Matthews


Since adolescence I have always been into sport, whether running, climbing or riding bikes and I got into triathlon while ‘studying’ at Loughborough university. I was chairman of their triathlon club for two years and made some excellent and lasting friendships in the sport. After a summer of riding bikes in the Alps after leaving Loughborough, I moved to Bath to train full time as a guide for blind athletes on the british paratriathlon squad.

I left triathlon in early 2015 to race bikes, but continue to coach the amphibs.I try hard to make sessions enjoyable, while retaining their necessarily challenging nature. I offer a very dry sense of humour and what I hope is concise and quality feedback to my athletes, and ensure that my sessions are varied and fun while still being the right kind of hard work.

The motto is chop wood; carry water.

Club Chairman: Paul Kilby

I fell into the sport of triathlon in 2008 at Warwick University and was immediately hooked by the bug. I joined the Bath Amphibians in 2009 and haven’t looked back completing a number of Half Ironman as well as the Outlaw Triathlon in 2013.I am a keen cyclist, going to Mallorca every year as well as completing a number of sportives each year. I am always keen to see anyone join, be they experienced triathletes, new to the sport or simply to swim in a structured club with other adult swimmers.“Triathlon doesn’t build character. It reveals it.”

Membership Secretary: Isabelle Lutz

After entering a couple of Open Water swim events in 2012 I was bitten by the bug and looked for a way of improving my swim times. I found the Amphibs and haven’t looked back since! A few Tri’s, a half marathon and other bits and bobs later I have now set my sights firmly on Rio…or Kona… or maybe I’ll just carry on having a good time training and entering local events.
If you’re interested to find out more about our brilliant club and to try us out, then please contact me on
You’re welcome to come along as a guest to the sessions before committing as a member.